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Function - organisation of supervision of midwives

The Local Supervising Authority (LSA) role is defined within the Midwives Rules and Standards (NMC 2012) produced by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC).  The main function of the role is the protection of the public and that of ensuring statutory supervision standards are met within the South East and West Regions of Scotland’s geographical area. 

Articles 42 and 43 of the Nursing & Midwifery Order 2001 describe the Council rules in respect to the regulation of midwifery, describing the role of Supervision and the LSA Midwifery Officer (LSAMO).

The LSA is responsible for ensuring that supervision of midwives is exercised to a satisfactory standard within its area.  This includes all midwives practising within it geographical boundaries irrespective of employer.

The 14 Health Boards in Scotland have the statutory responsibility for the LSA function. 

These responsibilities include:

  • Providing a framework of support for supervision and midwifery practise.
  • Receiving and processing annual notification of intention to practise for each practising midwife
  • Ensuring midwives meet the statutory requirements for practice
  • Ensuring that there is access to initial and continuing education and training for Supervisors of Midwives
  • Investigating allegations of misconduct
  • Determination of and where necessary appropriate suspension of midwife from practice in accordance with NMC rules and standards
  • Selection and de-selection of Supervisors of Midwives

In addition the role also works closely with Clinical Governance by the:

  • Development of evidence based guidelines to set standards of care
  • Monitoring the above standards
  • Reducing variations in care
  • Reducing inappropriate care
  • Improving quality across the spectrum of health care.



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